Lesson 2.3

Direct Styling


Learning HTML can actually be super boring all by itself. That’s because HTML is just the skeleton of a web page. It creates a structure that only works in black and white. Of course, you need that skeleton to get started, but if we spent the next few weeks only looking at the skeleton, we’d all feel like the lessons were a waste of time. So instead of coding HTML all by itself, you’re going to learn two ways to style various elements on a web page.

There are three common methods for styling a webpage. First, you can go into an opening tag and place a style attribute. This is called inline stying. But second, you can also create a <style> element where you will keep all of your various styling instructions for the entire web page. This is called internal styling. And third, there is a way to style multiple pages by using a single style sheet called .CSS, but that’s for the next learning goal. For now, we’re just going to dabble in direct styling through the first two methods known as inline and internal styling.

LEARNING GOAL #2: The Basics of HTML

Students will be able to design multiple web pages with HTML through the use of simple Text Editors.

PART 1: Daily Design

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