Lesson 2.2

Introduction to HTML


Hyper Text Markup Language, or HTML, is the basic structure, or skeleton of every single web page on the World Wide Web. A page written ONLY with HTML might look pretty boring, but a page without HTML will never work.

When you visit a web page, simply right-click on your mouse or type Ctrl-U and you will be able to view the source code that makes the page work from behind-the-scenes. Most pages have a LOT of code, but not everything in those codes is actually HTML.

Try thinking of HTML like the bread that goes around a sandwich. You can have a sandwich with only bread, but it would taste really plain. That’s why you need ingredients. But think of it the other way. If you had a bunch of ingredients to put in a sandwich and you had no bread, you couldn’t really call it a sandwich anymore.

During this lesson, you will be introduced to all the important parts of an HTML file.

LEARNING GOAL #2: The Basics of HTML

Students will be able to design multiple web pages with HTML through the use of simple Text Editors.

PART 1: Class Discussion

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PART 2: Daily Design

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