Lesson 4.1

Web Hosting


During the past three months, it may seem like you’ve learned everything you could possibly learn about web design. You know how to code. You know how to write HTML. You know you to create multiple pages and connect them together with internal hyperlinks. You know how to style various elements on those pages with CSS. And if you can remember all those history lessons, you even know a little bit about the origins of coding and the Internet and the World Wide Web.

But the truth is, all of this is only the beginning. Knowing how to code can definitely make you a good designer, but everything you’ve done in this class has been contained inside your own private folders. Even when you opened up your pages with a web browser, you were only looking at pages you had created on your computer. No one else could see them other than you. In other words, you never actually put anything out there on the World Wide Web.

The purpose of this lesson and all of Learning Goal #4 is to help you start thinking about what it would mean to become a real web designer, making real content for the Web. What if you could actually get your own domain (space on the Web) and start putting stuff on it? You won’t exactly do that here because it costs money, but you will definitely have a reason to start thinking about it more seriously.

Students often return with stories about their newest websites. Maybe that will be you someday soon.

LEARNING GOAL #4: Applied Web Design

Students will understand how to expand and apply their modest knowledge of HTML and CSS through Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, JavaScript, and Web Accountability.


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