Lesson 5.0

Getting Started

Lesson Overview

Welcome to Web Design II! Thanks for coming back!

If you got through Web Design I, then you can say you know at least a little bit about HTML and CSS, but chances are, you still don’t know it really well. That’s because Web Design I was only a crash course. You crammed a lot of information into your brain at once and only a few things stuck. Especially if you took the course more than a year ago. The goal of this course, Web Design II, is for you to become a true master of HTML and CSS coding. You’ll have fun. You’ll get plenty of chances to design. And you’ll work through so many different assignments that you should feel pretty comfortable, in the end, with just about any code you write using HTML or CSS.

In order to get started, you need to complete a few important assignments. Go on to PART 1 and read about how you will be graded on all of your lessons and assignments.

PART 1: Grading

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PART 2: Assignments

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