Lesson 3.1

Introduction to CSS


Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, are the best way to style multiple web pages, especially when you, the designer, want your pages to have the same look and appearance. What makes CSS different from the other two styles you learned (internal and inline) is that CSS can be saved as its own file, separated completely from the HTML. So in the same way you connect images to your pages, you would simply connect a .css file to your HTML.

Back when the World Wide Web first began, the people who were using it were teachers, students, and engineers. They cared about information, but they didn’t care much about the way information looked.

That all changed when regular people started using the World Wide Web. They wanted to use a variety of fonts, images, colors, margins, and much more. But there was no way to do that with HTML, so a friend of Tim Berners-Lee, who was also an engineer, wrote a language called CSS, that he wanted to use as a way to style various elements in HTML. This lesson and this learning goal are all about learning how to write that language.

LEARNING GOAL #3: The Basics of CSS

Students will be able to construct multi-page websites using Internal Links and External CSS.

PART 1: Class Discussion

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PART 2: Daily Design

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