Lesson 4.4

Web Accountability


When it comes to the Internet and the Web, everyone relies on them for information. If you want to know how old a famous person is, just Google it and you’ll get a result from some random web page. If you want to know why the sky is blue, just Google it and you’ll find a bunch of science websites that talk about the color spectrum. But is everything on the web true? Is everything we find accurate?

Information is only as valuable as the source it came from. But how can you determine whether a source is valuable? Or credible? Or reliable? Or accurate? This lesson is about knowing how to deal with information on the web, how to be truthful about the content we create, and how to take a stand for truth across the World Wide Web.

LEARNING GOAL #4: Applied Web Design

Students will understand how to expand and apply their modest knowledge of HTML and CSS through Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, and JavaScript.

PART 1: Two Sides Discussion

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PART 2: Web Accountability

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PART 3: Finishing Portfolio Sites

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