Lesson 4.3

A Little JavaScript


JavaScript has been around for almost 20 years and it’s probably the part of web pages you like the most. JavaScript is basically that part of the source code that gives action to a page. A clock that keeps changing. A button with a pop up box. A scrolling image gallery. These are the kinds of things you like to see when you look at most web pages because they make you feel like you can interact with them.

Similar to HTML and CSS, JavaScript is another coding language (or programming language) that has a completely different set of rules. You know that to write HTML, you need angle brackets and some attributes. You know that to write CSS, you need curly brackets and some properties. But with JavaScript, there’s a lot more going on. JavaScript uses a lot more symbols and a lot more rules than those other coding languages you learned in this class.

Some will tell you that JavaScript is pretty easy, but the truth is, it’s pretty complicated. And it takes patience. Quite a bit more patience than HTML or CSS. There are students who take an entire semester learning JavaScript and can never quite master everything about it. This is just one lesson and all you’re going to do is see how it works. You’ll get to write a little bit of JavaScript code, but you won’t be expected to achieve perfection. Just pay close attention and get ready to keep up.

LEARNING GOAL #4: Applied Web Design

Students will understand how to expand and apply their modest knowledge of HTML and CSS through Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, and JavaScript.

PART 1: Class Discussion

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PART 2: Writing JavaScript

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PART 3: Finishing Portfolio Sites

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PART 4: Manipulating JavaScript

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