Lesson 3.4

Sixteen Million Colors


Color helps to bring a web page to life. But too much color, or the wrong combination of colors can make a web page look pretty awful. For example, during the last lesson, you saw the World’s Worst Website Ever and you knew right away that it was bad. And one of the reasons it was bad: poor use of color.

All colors are formed from a  combination of three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. But on the web, the primary colors are actually red, green, and blue (RGB). Yellow can be hard on the eyes when you look directly at it on a screen. Green is a little softer, which is why the three main colors on your computer are considered RGB.

However, just knowing how to make color does not guarantee that you will use the right colors on your website. This lesson is all about learning how to set up a web site with a good range of 4-5 colors and then finding ways to use them creatively throughout the design.

LEARNING GOAL #3: The Basics of CSS

Students will be able to construct multi-page websites using Internal Links and External CSS.


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