Lesson 3.3

Aesthetic Design


After looking at font, text, and color over the last two lessons, you should be noticing a simple theme: CSS is about making websites look good. Color cannot be random. Images cannot be random. Text cannot be random. Every single thing you put into a website has to be there for a reason.

So when something is pleasing to the eye, we say that it has good aesthetics. To focus on the aesthetics of a website means that you are concerned about the beauty of each page and whether someone will enjoy what they see when they look at your design.

Sometimes focusing on the beauty of a page can be difficult when you’re still trying to wrap your brain around coding with HTML and CSS, but after doing a few different designs on your own and with the teacher, a lot of the coding should now be coming to you more naturally. Today, we’ll try to build an aesthetically pleasing website and learn a few more ways to make our site look more attractive.

LEARNING GOAL #3: The Basics of CSS

Students will be able to construct multi-page websites using Internal Links and External CSS.


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