Lesson 2.5

Web Copyright Laws


If someone asked you about how you get and use images, and you were being honest, you would probably talk about Google Images or some other website where you find things you like. You might even go so far as to tell someone that it doesn’t really matter if you take an image from the web because no one really cares. But the truth is, it does matter. We just might not all have the same understanding of what matters and why.

Copyright is a familiar term that comes up in many classes because it has to do with what people can and cannot do with information that doesn’t belong to them. But what exactly is copyright and how does it apply to image usage on the web? During this lesson, you will look at the rules of copyright as well as what you can and cannot do with information on the web.

But remember that you also have dedicated coding that you have to work on as part of a graded assignment. You will have 30-45 minutes to work on your codes before we begin our class discussion about web copyright laws.

LEARNING GOAL #2: The Basics of HTML

Students will be able to design multiple web pages with HTML through the use of simple Text Editors.


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