Lesson 2.10

Page Sections


When you look at a building, normally you see rooms. When you look at a classroom, you probably see desks and chairs lined up in rows or together in groups. When you look at your own body, you see various parts that serve different purposes. All of these things are familiar to us and they are known as sections.

In HTML5, information on a web page can also be broken up into sections. And normally, a good website will have lots of different sections. For example, if you look at this web page, the navigation menu across the top of the page is in a different section than the lesson itself. And within the lesson, Part 1 is above Part 2. All of these sections can help to define the layout of a website or even a single web page. During this lesson, you will spend a good deal of time working with the teacher to get comfortable with section elements.

By now you should almost be an expert at writing simple web pages with HTML5. Now it’s time to learn how to write more complex web pages with HTML5.

LEARNING GOAL #2: The Basics of HTML

Students will be able to design multiple web pages with HTML through the use of simple Text Editors.


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