Lesson 2.1

What is a Website?


People talk about the web every single day. They talk about websites and memes they saw. They talk about videos and music they heard. But for all the talk, very few people know what a website actually is or how it works. And if the goal of a web design course is to give you the skills to design web pages and websites, then it seems only appropriate that we start really talking about the concept of a website. If you take away all the complicated stuff that goes into designing a website, the basic idea is the same. A website is a visual presentation. Sort of like a PowerPoint or a poster or a magazine. But the difference between a website and all these other kinds of visual presentations is that a website can only be seen by someone who has access to an Internet browser like Chrome or Firefox.

In this lesson, you will learn a little bit about how all these things fit together and then you’ll start to build your very first web page.

LEARNING GOAL #2: The Basics of HTML

Students will be able to design multiple web pages with HTML through the use of simple Text Editors.

PART 1: Introduction to Websites

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PART 2: Introduction to Coding

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