Lesson 1.4

Technology Paranoia


After the end of World War II, 400,000 American lives had been lost and we were tired. All of that time and money the government had spent on research and technology had definitely made a difference, but after the war was over, research and technology had a different purpose. Americans wanted a more comfortable life. They wanted to live a more peaceful, more convenient life. The engineers and the scientists started building a mass of new products aimed at fulfilling the American Dream.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the Soviet Union, one of the many countries that witnessed the use of nuclear weapons by the United States, began their own research and development team. They even built their own atomic bomb. But most Americans stopped paying attention until one day, the Russians put a satellite in space. And suddenly, everyone got scared again.

After the Russians put a satellite in space, the Americans and the Russians entered a Cold War in which they were in constant competition over the best technologies and the most threatening weapons.

LEARNING GOAL #1: The Basics of Web History

Students will understand how the Internet evolved from a classified government research project into a world wide resource with the help of highly educated teachers and students.


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