Lesson 1.2

World Wide War


Learning to write code is easy when you have a teacher. Or when you have a bunch of resources to teach yourself. And even then, it might not be easy for everyone. But coding started under a much more complicated time in world history. In order to communicate with his commanders throughout Europe during World War II, Hitler used secret codes that he transmitted over a series of radio messages. He never thought anyone other than the Germans would be able to crack those codes. But they did.

This violent conflict, known as World War II, took place at a time before computer technology was even a part of the daily conversation. Understanding that time in history means going back and understanding a little bit about the conflict. And if we understand the conflict, then we can look at the people who had the biggest impact on resolving that conflict, including some of the technologies that they created.

LEARNING GOAL #1: The Basics of Web History

Students will understand how the Internet evolved from a classified government research project into a world wide resource with the help of highly educated teachers and students.

PART 1: Daily Discussion

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