Lesson 1.10

The Web Today


We live in a constantly changing world and most of those changes have to do with the Internet and the Web. There’s just one problem. Few of us in society ever stop to ask whether all these changes are good, or fair, or even right. For example, twenty years ago, if you wanted to hear a song, you either listened to the radio or you had to purchase a cassette or a CD. But over time, music has become less physical and more digital, available through files that could be passed around from person to person, which got companies like Napster into a lot of trouble, for breaking copyright laws and providing music files to people without the approval of record companies and musicians. So why can companies like Apple or Spotify get away with it today?

The purpose of this lesson is to open a thoughtful discussion about many of the issues that we deal with on the Internet and the Web, from music to social media and quite a few things in between. We all live in the same digital world together, so it’s a good idea that we understand the way that world works and how we got it.

LEARNING GOAL #1: The Basics of Web History

Students will understand how the Internet evolved from a classified government research project into a world wide resource with the help of highly educated teachers and students.

PART 1: Movies, Music, & Copyrights

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PART 2: Digital Security & the Web

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PART 3: Social Media & a Civil Society

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